About MRMA

Promote patriotism and elevate Macau as the world pivot

The Macau Retail Management Association was found in 2007 and our mission is to promote retail business development in Macau, safeguard the interests of the industry, and to promote the professional standards of retail practitioners. We have more than 40 active member companies and we are also continuously recruiting industrial leaders to join the association for progressive growth. Business sectors include high-end department stores, souvenirs, pharmaceuticals, fashion, cosmetics, jewelry and watches, catering, supermarkets, communications, electrical appliances, innovative technology, finance, and various high-end luxury fashion brands. Our industrial memberships manage more than 300 shops in Macau which cover the whole business spectrum.

Over the years, the MRMA has been co-organizing several high-end retail management and talent training courses with the Bureau of Labor Affairs.  These programs provide abundant on-the-job training resources to improve talents quality in the retail industry and pragmatically cooperate with the SAR government for human resources progression. At the same time, we are also actively acquiring innovative business technology knowledges, promotes business partnership with domestic and mainland's mobile payment, explores the potential advantages of the Greater Bay Area, and helps the local retail industry maintain its international competitiveness.

We will continue to adhere to the concept of uniting the retail industry, promote patriotism and the love of Macau, exemplify the city's positioning for the country, to advance the development of Macau into a global tourism and leisure center, and the smart city scheme via big data advancement. Together, we can build a sustainable business atmosphere that flourishes.


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